Pop Up Shop

I was definitely surprised and honored to have received the invite. My first experience was a wonderful one and when I tell you find the nearest restaurant and grab you something to eat or snack before attending.... just know to take it at face value.

I'm always constantly second guessing myself. Like all of thee introverts and insecure things. So I'm stressing trying to figure out my marketing strategy. I have tons of inventory and the question poses.... "How do we move old inventory and not waste raw materials for new products?" Hmmm.... Then it hits me... everything must go on sale. And for my newest product there will be a demo on display to show the different variations of this particular product. Straight pre-order model. I mean after all it's working for the fashion industry. Why not adopt it for my brand with the market I am in? It saves on waste and labor.

So it gets down to the week of and in my mind I'm beating myself up bad and on the verge of pulling out and chunking up the $90 as a loss. I can always file it on my taxes, right?

Let me tell you, I'm so glad I went. Not only did I make my $90 back. I'm able to pay my employee for working the event with me and I made good connections. Trust and know despite all inputs the first and last were the only ones that mattered. All the glory belongs to Him.